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What is CleverRelish
TM all about?
CleverRelish™ aims to create and provide clever products to solve life’s little, and sometimes big, parenting problems. Through partnership with the undiscovered genius of parents across America, we will deliver smart products that dress up your life while empowering the growth of strong families.

Our Founder Jill tells you a bit about how things started in this video.


Where it all began
CleverRelish was founded in by Jill Carreiro, an engineer, salesperson, lifelong tinkerer and thankful momma to four little ones ranging from 10 months to 8 years old (and another on the way!)  That's a ton of (happy, poopy) years of diaper changing!  Too many years of looking at the same ugly plastic baby wipes tub at every diaper change.

Then one day she had an "aha" moment: Why don't we just make it a part of the decor!

As a busy wife, mother, and businesswoman, Jill's cool idea was put aside for a bit. She worked hard, moving up the corporate ladder and leading teams of great people.



carpe diem! Sieze the day!

But Jill had a slow-settling epiphany of sorts. She thought she had been sacrificing FOR her family, when she had actually just been sacrificing life WITH them.  Thankfully, she figured this all out when they're still little! 

Her 7
th grade algebra teacher would shout "Carpe Diem!"  And carpe diem, she did.  Jill picked up her cool idea from a few years before and got busy creating nearly 100 prototypes on a tiny baby blue Kenmore Mini Ultra sewing machine, a gift from her grandmother for her tenth birthday.

During the process of making her aha moment a reality she became determined to empower others with cool ideas to live their dreams. Thus CleverRelishTM was founded and the launch of WipesWrapsTM swiftly followed. And so far it's been an awesome ride!


Hard Work. Bountiful Giggles. Clever Style.

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