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Maybe you're wondering...

How do go on?

Just stretch one on for fun style!


Do wipeswraps fit all brands of baby wipes tubs?
WipesWrapsTM Baby Wipes Covers are the easiest way to pull on some style to your baby wipes tub.  Made from stretchy cloth, they were designed to best fit Pampers(R) Brand disposable baby wipes.  A perfectly snug fit like those seen in our product photos is not guaranteed with any other brand of wipes (for now!) 

Go the earth-friendly and cost-conscious route and refill the "best fit" tub with your favorite wipes brand multi-pack!



Does this mean they won't fit my favorite brand?
Lots of WipesWrapsTM find their happy selves on Huggies(R) and generic brands with the "hood" tucked in!  Still so much cuter than the tub!   Keep checking in for our latest product developments! 

What are WipesWrapsTM made of?

Your new WipesWrapsTM are made from a stretchy cotton, cotton-spandex, or cotton-polyesther blend material.  Please let us know if you'd like to know the fabric makeup for a particular flavor.


How do i clean them?

A quick hand wash in cold water will get your WipesWrapsTM clean.  But why not just use a trusty baby wipe to quickly clean up any stray gunk on your newly decorated tub?  Hey, we use them for everything else!


What do I do if the lid pops open?

Sometimes, especially with new wipes containers and a brand-new WipesWrapsTM, things are a bit snug at first.  There are a few little tricks that can help:

  1. Store the container upside-down, closed, for the first night or two to "break in" the stretch of the cloth.
  2. Be sure that the plastic contacts of the latching mechanism on the container are able to connect.
  3. With the WipesWrapsTM on and the lid closed, hold the button of the wipes container and gently bend it upwards a bit.  (Good to do this in conjunction with trick #1!)

WipesWrapsTM and the good ol' baby wipes tub sometimes need a few days to get used to their new "relationship"!

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